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September 9 -
Let the blogging begin!
We have now opened a blog section! We’ve begun with this


July 1 -
Look Twice. Save A Life.


June 9 – We hear that there have been some sightings recently of Black Bear in the community and you may have questions about them. The Florida Fish and WildlifeConservation Commission has a bear FAQs page.


April 11 - Looking for something to do? You might find it here ~ Annual West Volusia Area Festivals and Events

March 21 - Planning a road trip around Florida? The Florida Scenic Highway Program has information that will help in your planning. As always, RIDE safe!

The Open Road The sun is harsh, the pavement hot, You might think us insane! But unless you’ve known it for yourself There’s no way to explain The freedom of the open road, The majesty of the wind, The wonder of God’s nature Waiting ’round each winding bend! You’ll simply have to join us, And then it will seem plain, One ride upon the open road, You’ll never be the same! Nicki Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul

December 3 Sunset at Gator Joe’s Sunset at GatorJoe's

October 1 - Texting while driving is now prohibited in Florida. We think it’s about time. One bummer: it’s merely a secondary offense. Here’s the legislative overview of CS/CS/HB 13 and a deep link to H 0013 c2, the latest revision which includes the “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law.”

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