Lake Weir Community News

April 1, 2017 - Calendar Stuff

We’ve added Bobby Blackmon’s public-facing dates for April to the calendar, and wow, Leesburg Bikefest is right around the corner. Leesburg Bikefest is THE fastest-growing biker event on the east coast. Reminds me of Daytona 20 years ago. Great music (including Bobby!), and an easy-going, family atmosphere. C’mon out and join us.

- Groundbreaking

According to the announcement  while back this groundbreaking was scheduled for “late March”.  Just under the wire, we’d call it. This is from March 28th & 30th 2017, respectively, on Bay Terrace Lane near the corner of Bay Terrace.

March 4, 2017 - Calendar Additions

To our calendar, we’ve added & edited some recurring local events and filled in Bobby Blackmon’s March schedule. Got an event you want added? Just tell us.